Anand Prasad

Founder and CEO, wenovator LLC


Dr. Anand R. Prasad, Founder & CEO, wenovator LLC, a global provider of cybersecurity services & consulting; Senior Security Advisor, NTT DOCOMO. He was CISO of Rakuten Mobile, where he led all aspects of enterprise and mobile network security (4G, 5G, IoT, SOC, GRC, assurance etc.) from design, deployment to operations. Anand was Chairman of 3GPP SA3 where, among others, he led the standardisation of 5G security. He is innovator with 50+ patents, a recognized keynote speaker (RSA, MWC) and a prolific writer with 6 books and 50+ publications. He is a Fellow of IET & IETE and holds CISSP.


Securing FinTech in 5G World

Recorded Session


Technology enhancements are leading to changes in all aspects of our society, including the highly guarded financial sector. A key to such enhancements is and will be 5G that will further propagate digitalization and connectivity. While 5G will bring substantial benefits, it’s openness, penetration and complexity will lead to an increase in potential exposure. Therefore it is necessary to consider security from a holistic perspective.
In this panel, we will discuss Financial Technology in 5G era and cybersecurity implications with global experts from both sides of the industry. Join us to find the latest and take-away know-how you need in this era of rapid technology changes within FinTech with 5G!




December 08, 2020 at 02:30PM - 03:15PM JST

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